about us

GamerPe is a platform where gamers engage and interact to fulfill their gaming needs - monetary, social, and lifestyle.

For Monetary needs, we have a module where users will perform-to-earn an in-app virtual currency by investing their time in activities like:

Users will have the option to redeem the in-app virtual currency (MINTS* or GAMERCASH**) and utilize the same across multiple use cases and across the larger gaming ecosystem.

For Social, gamers will be able to interact with other gamers to collaborate and help each other become good gamers, even also be able to make their teams, sell their game accounts, trade their gaming items, participate in different gaming events, post gaming stuff in communities.
(coming soon)

For Lifestyle, gamers can set their goals, track their progress, prepare their daily, weekly schedule, and a lot more. (coming soon)

The user/gamer can win GamerCash by playing games and participating in:

on our app

You can redeem your GamerCash into gift cards like:

Coming soon

You can purchase the gaming accessories like gaming Phone, Headphones etc and official gaming merchandise from PUBG, FREEFIRE, CALL OF DUTY from the GamerCash that you earned.
(The game accessories are coming soon)

*MINTS: Mints is one of the In-App Currency of GamerPe.
**GAMERCASH: GamerCash is the other In-App Currency of GamerPe.
(You will be rewarded in either of the currencies depending on the activity performed. The rewards are mentioned within each game or activity.)