Cancellation Policy

Our focus is complete user/gamer satisfaction. In the event, if you are displeased with the goods and services provided, we will refund back the money, provided the reasons are genuine and proved after investigation. Please read the terms and conditions before making a purchase , it provides all the details about the purchase on the Gamerpe application.

In case of dissatisfaction from our goods and services, users/gamers have the liberty to cancel their purchase and request a refund from us.

For cancellations, please connect to our Whatsapp number through the Gamerpe application or you can email us on

Refund Policy

We will try our best to create a healthy gaming ecosystem for our users/gamers. In case any user/gamer is not completely satisfied with our goods and services then after investigation we will provide a refund for the same transaction.

We issue the refund in GamerCash (GC) our in-app wallet or to the source account of the registered users.

Refunds will take 5-7 days to reflect the amount in your source account.