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Daily Rewards

1.0 How can you get Daily Rewards in the app?

In the App you can earn either GC or Mints:
To earn mints you can do any/all of the followings

To earn GC you can Participate in:


2.1 How to fill a survey?

2.2 What if you are not rewarded after completing the survey?

Install App & Earn

3.0 Install App & Earn

GamerPe will ask you to install certain apps and complete the tasks in a certain time frame. If you complete it within the time frame, the user will be awarded. Do read all the instructions mentioned there for eligibility guide and the conditions to get rewarded.

3.1 What if you didn’t get the reward after installing the app?

GamerPe provides you with an offer wall generated by 3rd party vendors to allow you to easily earn lots of mints by completing simple tasks listed on the offer wall. The available offers may be limited by time. If the task is completed as per instructions and in the stipulated time, the user is rewarded with a commensurate amount of mints.

Do read all the instructions mentioned there for eligibility guide and the conditions to get rewarded.

Personal Info

4.0 Can you update your profile info?

Yes, you can edit your profile info under
Menu — Personal Information.
If you fully update your profile, you will earn Mints.

4.1 Can you change your profile photo/email/phone number?

Yes, you can change your profile photo/email or phone number.
Head to Menu – Personal Information – Click on the information you want to update and save the changes.

4.2 Why should you focus on earning XP and increasing levels?

By earning XP and increasing levels, you might get a chance to win exciting rewards.
GC are also awarded when you will be promoted to the next level. Coming Soon.


5.0 What is a Spinwheel?

Spin the wheel is a classic mini game. Click on “Tap to Spin” to win Mints. Try your luck and get your rewards.

5.1 What if Mints are not credited to your account?

There is a limit of 3 spins per day. You will not be rewarded if you exceed this limit. Check your transactions history to know your earnings.

Scratch Cards

6.0 What are Scratch Cards?

Scratch cards are available for the users under Daily Rewards section to earn free mints. Each scratch card houses a surprise reward for the benefit and merriment of the users.

6.2 How to access Scratch Cards?

Go to Daily Rewards – Scratch and earn – Tap to Scratch
and scratch various cards to claim rewards.
Opened cards will be shown below.

6.3 Scratch cards not working?

Check your Wi-Fi or Internet connection to scratch cards.
If they are still not working, connect to our chat support for help. (LINK)


7.0 What is a leaderboard?

Leaderboard is a live dashboard where you can see top 10 players and how much they have earned. You can also view your rank there. Leaderboard shows an overall performance track, quiz leaderboard shows top players of quiz and so on.

7.1 How to boost your XP?

By playing and winning, you can boost up your XP.

7.2 How to boost your level?

By playing and earning on the app, you can increase your level.


8.0 How can you earn from a Quiz?

By playing a quiz, you can win GC and do more with your rewards if you are one of the winners.

8.1 Quiz Leaderboard

8.2 How to track played Quizzes?

You can view the history of your played quizzes under the quiz section.
You can also view the results by clicking on view results.

8.3 What if you are not able to play a Quiz?

You might not be able to play a certain quiz, if

If you are still not able to play it, please connect with our chat support team. (LINK)

Rewarding games

9.0 What games can you play on the GamerPe app?

You can play Droid-O and Robo Clone on the GamerPe app.

9.2 How can you earn from Droid-O and Robo Clone?

You can play the available tournaments for both the games on the GamerPe app and
you can earn prizes if you top the leaderboard of the tournament you participated in.

9.3 How to play Droid-O or Robo Clone on the GamerPe app?

9.4 What if you are not able to play the games?

You might not be able to play a certain game, if

If you are still not able to play it, please connect with our chat support team. (LINK)


10.0 What are Mints?

Mints are the In-App currency of GamerPe app which can be earned by performing
various activities. Mints can be converted to other In-App currency, i.e., GamerCash (GC).

10.1 What is GamerCash?

GamerCash or GC is the In-App Currency of GamerPe. You can also get Mints converted to GC in the app.
1 GC = 3000 MINTS
You can also convert Mints to GC by clicking on the Convert Mints to GC option in the Mints section.

10.2 How can you earn Mints and GC?

You can earn Mints and GC by performing


11.0 Where do I check my transactions history?

Go to Mints or GC on the top right of the home screen and click on it. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on My Transactions. You can see Mints transactions under Mints and transactions for GC under GC.

11.1 What can you do with your rewards?

Go to Mints or GC and click on Do more with your rewards.
You can redeem vouchers of various brands mentioned under this section.


12.0 How to redeem vouchers?